Johnny Marr Guitar Strut

Growing up in Manchester in the 1980's as a twenty something year old, it was hard not to love The Smiths. I never stopped being a fan since the release of their debut album. I travelled around the world to see Morrissey perform, but it wasn't until recently that I had the chance to see and photograph The Smiths alternative frontman, Johnny Marr. 

Johnny Marr Camp Bestival

Marr's stunning solo career has allowed him to truly step out from the shadows behind Morrissey and show fans what he's capable of, with two fantastic albums already under his belt. 

On stage, he's a true performer, strutting his stuff for the crowd and entertaining like the best of them. I've been fortunate enough to photograph Johnny Marr on two occasions now, once at Camp Bestival, and once when he was touring the country in Sheffield. It's was an incredible experience each time.